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depressed. am thinking a shot might help especially since it is time for one.

c thinks she might have broken up with her gf but is not sure since apparently communication is that bad.

I might have to fly in two weeks but the good news is that c might come to seattle too to visit g so we might fly together in which case her job will be to distract me and feed me tranqs and order drinks. the flight of course is short so I probably will just be getting going good about the time we land. the trick may be to start with the pills and the booze at the airport bar before taking off.

this evening b and I are going for burritos and beer. this is different for me in that usually I go by myself for this sort of thing. it's sausages that I eat with b. I'm wondering if I should get carne asada to keep the meat-eating tradition up.

until then I'm going to play my guitar.

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