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I can do anything I want today.

this could include work but first I'm going to walk to Amoeba to look for music and then maybe I will walk to the buffalo paddock in Golden Gate Park and then get on the bus to go downtown where I will get on BART or another bus and come home.

by that time it will probably be time to play guitar so probably work will have to wait till tomorrow.

I should get that on a button.

mactavish points us to this amusing post. but for a moment I will just seriously ask why the ultra conservatives can't seem to understand the notion of consensuality when it comes to what sexual behaviors should be free from government interference. NO ONE IS ASKING TO LEGALIZE NONCONSENSUAL SEX! maybe I should tell Mr. Santorum.

edit: after rereading Mr. Santorum's complaint, what I mean to yell is SEX WITH CHILDREN AND ANIMALS IS NOT CONSENSUAL! why don't they get that?

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