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ocd strikes again and again and again and again and again

so yesterday while preparing for class I decided I wanted to find that 50s shot of the government truck spraying people with DDT to show how safe it was as an example of a visual argument and I ran into all this conservative punditry about how DDT is actually safe and so I went looking for non-conservative punditry detailing why no it is not safe and after reading a bunch of arguments on both sides I couldn't stop so moved on to global warming and read arguments on both sides and got all wound up about what I thought and what I should think and what They were trying to get me to think and how I didn't have my arguments in order and how this was a very bad thing and how I had to get them in order immediately or They would win by default and by this time it was bedtime and I couldn't stop so it took me about two hours to fall asleep meaning that when the alarm rang at 5:30 I had been asleep for six hours and now I have a bunch of papers to grade and another textbook chapter to prepare for thursday but my attention span is shot and all I really want to do is go home and take my walk and go back to bed but already I can feel pricking me the demands to formulate my arguments and get them lined up or be wrong wrong wrong.

someone find the switch.

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