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woke this morning to the sound of thunder

and however far off it was it must have knocked out the network because for awhile nothing over there was responding.

I have to grade papers today. in case you have forgotten, I hatehatehate grading papers. they are only one to two pages long so it's not like they will take a long time but thinking about grading them kept me in bed till 11.30 this morning and thinking about grading them now is keeping me trying to think of various ways to talk about grading them without actually grading them.

when they are finished they will at least be finished.

and when class is over tomorrow my workweek will be over although I should start doing my own work but I only count the work I get paid for as part of my workweek. the work that I pay to do somehow appears as pleasure in my imagination even though I spend a lot of time avoiding it too.


ok take pills go do work.


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