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i am waiting to go to the ballgame. waiting waiting waiting. well really i am waiting for the pre-game burrito which if i go too early to get i will arrive at the meeting place too early and at the ballpark too early and at my seat too early and i wouldn't want to do that.

here is what i like about baseball. what i like about baseball is that everything that happens comes as a miracle. in a game which consists mostly of the ad nauseum repetition of a single hurl from the man on the mound to the man behind the plate anything that actually occurs to break this monotony is miraculous. besides which the very occurence is itself miraculous in that it shouldn't be possible to hit that tiny little ball when it is going so fast and it shouldn't be possible to catch that tiny little ball when it goes so far into the air and comes down with all the velocity it left with. thus anytime anyone succeeds in doing anything in baseball besides throwing from home and catching at the plate -- and really the throwing and catching are of themselves also miraculous but with the continued repetition of these gestures they can come to seem almost commonplace (not that the commonplace can't be miraculous) -- it is as if we the spectators and they the players have been visited by an absolutely incomprehensible level of good fortune.

i like to stand up and yell when things happen. all miracles should be accompanied by a cheering crowd.

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