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christmas over

I got my last ebay package yesterday. I say "last" because the spree which started with a good deal on a les paul ended with me stupidly paying about $5 more than I should have on a psychedelic furs dvd because I got all excited at the end of the auction and Just Had To Win. once I had, I went and checked the price on amazon and realized I'd been done in by auction fever and needed to stop before things got worse.

I mean I might go back there for the occasional deal on a big-ticket item but no more trolling for odds and ends that I simply must have.

on the other hand, through ebay I did find the website of a guy who makes dvds of out-of-print music videos and films and from him I very much got my money's worth: a collection of Klaus Nomi videos, a collection of films by Neubauten, Can and others, and Urgh! A Music War on two dvds with soundtrack on two cds.

but I guess now it is back to buying books from powells. I've never once experienced buyer's remorse after doing that.

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