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once again I have been up for so many hours I can't do the math to figure out how many hours I have been up.

it is time to go to bed. I had many things to say earlier but stupidly left my laptop on while talking to students in office hours and the battery ran down so I was unable to say any of them and when I got home it was too late I was tired.

the quick rundown:

following Jim's condition is a little emotional roller-coaster. I have been trying to figure out if I should come up this weekend and risk not seeing him and risk not being able to come back for the memorial if he dies in the relatively near future and no one can tell me what is best to do because neither the sickness nor the death consent to announce what they will be doing on any given day.

school today was oddly energizing. or it could just be the weekend testosterone injection kicking in.

it has occured to me that teaching is going to interfere with postseason baseball. I haven't watched a game since school started. I guess it is fair enough: last year postseason baseball interfered with school.

I'm actually thinking of starting work on the dissertation. I mean I actually read some things germaine to my general topic today. we'll see how long the enthusiasm lasts.

that is all for now. thinking is over.

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