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whatever it is about my body's chemical makeup that now makes me sweat like a horse, it has only been after years of testosterone and antidepressants that taking a cool shower actually results in my getting warmer. see I feel fine in the shower but then I have to get out of the shower and dry off and put clothes on and hang up the bath mat and all this moving around in a small room made humid even by a cool shower causes me to get all heated and sweaty.

it's like a reverse shower. I bathe in order to get sweaty.

barring any more bad news from Seattle I will be coming up this weekend. I get the car tomorrow night and leave early Friday morning. will sleep over in Portland, get up on Saturday and go to Powells, and then drive on in to town.

I don't know yet what my plans will be but there will be drinking at some point. watch this space.

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