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the alarm surprised the hell out of me this morning. I was incredulous that someone or something wanted me to wake up.

I haven't quite gotten over that feeling yet today.

I ran home after class this morning thinking I might do laundry but then realizing it would be a huge waste of time for a couple pairs of clean socks and I can get by on what is already clean until I get back. instead I really want to nap but I think I will make lists of things to take.

it used to be I planned to pack while actually packing. these days and perhaps because I am old I have to make lists so I don't forget anything. the assumption that I won't, for instance, forget that I need a certain amount of underwear, simply stands no longer. so I'm going to list everything I am going to take and then put it in my backpack.

but I will spare you and list it to myself.

I am picking my car up at six tonight but I think I'll go at five and see if they care. something tells me I'm going to want to go to bed by 7:30 and it might take that long to find a parking space.

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