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i am trying to feel good about my day off. it never fails that when i am supposed to do work there are many many other things i decide i would rather be doing and then on my days off i sit around bored as hell.

this is an old theme. i have talked about this before. why does shopping for instance sound like so much fun when i am supposed to be studying and then like a real yawner when i have the free time to actually shop (to boldly split an infinitive)? why is it that spending the day online reading and writing is just the thing i want to do on say monday morning but come saturday i don't have the attention span to read you or the verbal ebullience to write me?

i could draw lines. yes back to the line thing. the one thing about the line thing is that i feel most like drawing lines when i am in motion and generally only on a train where i can look away from the window and at my paper without feeling queasy. so what i could do is go and get on caltrain and ride to san jose and back for ten bucks but that train is really bumpy and thus engendering of queasiness as well as imprecision in line drawing so probably if i decide to draw lines i will just sit here at my desk and try to conjure up some imaginary motion.

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