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the blessed part of the morning wherein you drink coffee and congratulate yourself for getting up and read your email and think about how productive you are going to be today is over and now I must actually do something.

I think I will make a list.

1. read Descartes' third Meditation on proving the existence of God. that should put me in a good mood.

2. take second look at chapter six in textbook and think about how to make up a third essay assignment

3. actually write third essay assignment

4. give some thought as to what to say tomorrow

5. go to therapy

6. find own work to do. read about Levinas

7. play guitar

8. eat burrito

9. watch Friends reruns

10. go to bed

I wonder how much of this I will actually get to. 9 things to do before bed and 12 hours in which to do them.

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