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cool air is slowly falling through my window and onto the floor. there is still no fog that I can see but it seems to be in the 60s out there. last night at this time it was 80F.


I know it's pathetic to get all bent out of shape over three days of hot weather but when your only air conditioner is the sea breeze and it is out of order for those same three days there is much suffering to be done.

I managed to read something tangentially related to Levinas this afternoon. now I am confused about how Derrida defines metaphor but I shouldn't get too sidetracked in finding out. am wanting to draw diagrams of events and metonymic relations but need to turn off the machinery and mellow out on the way to bed.

oh and I'm concerned that I should already know Derrida's approach to metaphor if I'm about to become a doctor of philosophy. fraud! fraud!

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