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the Derridean metaphor and metonymy and the status of the infinite versus an infinite number of infinities kept me up last night.

this is the sort of thing that keeps me up. I owe $XXK in student loans? doesn't keep me up. my teeth are going to rot and fall out of my head if I don't get my ass to a dentist? doesn't keep me up. this is my eighth year in grad school and my welcome is about worn out? doesn't keep me up. I will likely live in government-subsidized housing when I am old? doesn't keep me up. high cholesterol? doesn't keep me up. lifelong depression? doesn't keep me up.

but so as a result I can only just barely think now and I have a whole day ahead of me in which to ponder metaphors and metonymies and infinities but really I want to go home and nap.

maybe I should.

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