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oh my god it is so hard not to go home and play. I told myself I had to stay at school after teaching and do some work but it is as though I am forcing myself to work overtime on friday afternoon when there is no one around telling me I have to stay and the self-discipline is only barely strong enough to keep me here in this chair. I'm not sure it will even get me to open a book. I'm not sure there is enough energy left over for that.

here is where we bargain:

go through the attendance sheets and emailed excuses so spreadsheet is up to date on attendance


chart online discussion entries


see what you can modify on the spreadsheet without looking at the manual which is at home in order to bring it into line with what the grading actually consists of this semester (basically I opened an empty copy of last semester's spreadsheet and entered the names and have not yet changed things like number of essays due and percentage of grade each counts for, all of which is different from last time around).

do these things and then you can go home. but try to do at least one more thing, i.e., read chapter in Handelman.

maybe I should read the chapter first before the coffee wears off. maybe I should go get more coffee.

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