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I feel so very very good. that is I don't feel wonderful but I feel morally justified in my existence. I stayed at school for five whole hours after my office hours were over: read a chapter of Handelman, transferred almost all the grades onto the spreadsheet, and tabulated attendance for the last two weeks.

even managed to jot down some notes and I feel a slight compulsion to keep jotting but am currently waiting to feel the effect of the sedating compound I am ingesting so that compulsion should disappear without untoward effects very soon. not that it would be bad to jot but I am in that rare place where I've got some things figured out to my liking and I am feeling good (wonderful this time) so I've pre-empted any obsessive backlash that my brain might feel the need to present me with by heading directly into an altered state.

for now I'll just say this which is that textual interpretation is the one way both to avoid doing violence to what is silent in speech and to betray it, whereas cutting off interpretation and declaring the fulfillment of the word and the end of history is the best way of murdering exactly what is most vulnerable in speech: its traumatic origin and ongoing promise.

which is why the animal, which donates sense to the world (and indeed donates the world itself), must go on indefinitely and the kingdom of God never arrive. unless we wish to consent to murder in the name of purification and presence.

well it makes sense to me.

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