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appetite without object

I really want to go shopping. unfortunately the only thing I particularly want to buy is a digital camera and I can't afford the one I want.

I can't think of anything else to buy. I mean I could buy a shirt but I don't need another or I could buy pants but I don't need any or I could buy yet another pair of shoes which of course everyone always needs but right now the floor under my desk is strewn with shoes I don't wear anymore and until I put them all in a box and set them out on the street for the indigent to go through I have declared a moratorium on shoe-buying.

perhaps I will escort them outside this evening.

I don't need any computer stuff. oh wait. I could buy one of those new cheap scanners with slide/film capabilities. or I could visit microtek and see if an adapter is available for my current scanner which works just fine otherwise and would be a shame to throw out. it's old though so I don't have much hope.

there are cds I could buy but I'm not feeling musically excited today so I'm not really into walking the three miles to Amoeba.

maybe what I need to do is eat all day.

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