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why chairs are shaped like bodies

I walked to the shopping district to try to get into the spirit but the computer store is a pit because they are remodeling and I couldn't get up a good head of steam for clothes shopping and by the time I got to Virgin I was tired and ready to get on BART so I got my Friday afternoon latte and went to sit in what used to be the San Francisco Shopping Center and is now the Westfield Shoppingtown because I guess some corporation named Westfield bought it but downstairs where there used to be tables as far as the eye could see there are now little kiosks and a very few cordoned-off seating areas associated with particular eating places.

in fact there is no place to sit in the shopping district. apparently you are supposed to run in, buy your stuff, and run back out again. starbucks where I got my latte because it was the only coffee shop around had about three tables. outside are these huge wide sidewalks with not one single piece of furniture made for sitting. I guess we don't want benches because then homeless people might sleep on them.

the Westfield Shoppingtown has besides its meager sprinkling of tables a total of two (2) benches. usually there are about ten (10) people all squished together on them and at least five (5) more standing nearby waiting for one of the ten (10) to get up. these are the only general seating places in the entire five-story complex.

I could have gone out and sat on the sidewalk I suppose as there is no law against it here but on Market Street the sidewalks look fairly contagious so you don't really want to sit on them.

but so anyway I came home empty handed but happy to sit in my chair and somewhat bemused at the fact that each of us owns at least one chair because if we didn't we would have to sit in someone else's chair. I mean there is something very strange about the fact that almost every one of us has a bed to lie on and a chair to sit in. because it seems as though these things should be public and freely available since after all we all have bodies that periodically have to sit or lie down and it shouldn't be a matter of having enough money for a chair or a bed. they should be given out or kept in a bed and chair bank for use by anyone.

on the other hand who wants to sit in a chair or sleep in a bed where god knows who was sitting and sleeping there before you.

occasionally I think about this when I stay in hotels and I hope for a goodly amount of bleach on the sheets. but when I camp I really don't worry too much about the dirt I am sleeping on as compared to a bed where god knows who was sleeping the dirt seems quite clean and even almost antiseptic in its ecumenical welcoming of whatever comes to be a part of it.

I can't explain this.

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