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Interpol at the Warfield last night was very enjoyable especially since I was sitting in the fourth row of the balcony. I hadn't realized what a difference a seat makes and would have probably been in the mob on the floor had it not been sold out by the time I bought my ticket. from now on I'm sitting: three bands, three and a half hours, and only my knees hurt a little from being bent in one position all that time.

the one drawback was that I had to actually sit next to someone who in this case was a sloppy bearded dork who spent the first two bands complaining about how awful each one was. ok they weren't great but he was so sarcastically dismissive that I wanted to ask him if he played an instrument or had ever been on stage or indeed had ever done anything besides sit in his room and belittle anyone who had ever done anything more than sit in their rooms belittling everyone.

fortunately he was talking to his buddy the whole time and not to me.

Interpol's set was too short but considering that they have only released one cd I suppose they pretty much played all the songs they have. I think someone needs to start a campaign to get them off the tour circuit and into the studio or at least into a rehearsal space with a directive to write more tunes. how many times can you circle the globe playing the same ten songs? I mean NYC is still very pretty but I'd like to know what else they can do with those five notes.

it did become apparent to me this time that what mrrant told me some time ago is true: Paul Banks writes vocal lines as though he can't sing. oddly, he can sing, sort of, or at least his hit or miss hollering often strings together a melody of sorts, but it is not always obvious that it actually goes with the music being played. this is how the two new songs sounded anyway. the others I guess have been beaten into shape for awhile so the vocals and the music cohere a little more.

but so. A taught class today so I could sleep in after going to bed very late. will have to check with her later to see how things went but for today all I really have to do is laundry. tomorrow is the first day of the rest of my academic life and I have come to the realization that the dissertation is not going to write itself and it is starting to feel a bit burdensome, guiltwise, to keep avoiding writing it, so I throw myself into my work starting in the morning. I hope it doesn't hurt.

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