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so today I did a lousy job of teaching because I slept till noon yesterday and couldn't fall asleep last night in time to get an acceptable amount of sleep and although I had had a few ideas on what to do in class today I seemed unable to find the energy actually to embark on any activities at all so I rambled at the students a bit and now feel thoroughly superfluous to their educational process.

the good thing is that this is how it used to go every day and now this is the first time it's gone this way this semester.

since I never really got into the swing of things this week I am working most of the weekend, taking only Sunday off. there should be baseball Sunday, yes?

after trying to teach and trying to read and not succeeding very well at either I came home and learned the major and minor pentatonic scales. I don't know the names of the notes I'm playing but I know what the patterns look like. I've fallen behind on the call-out-your-notes-as-you-play-them program I adopted and adapted from jetgirl23. but the pattern I can play pretty fast now! very exciting. now I could go into GuitarCenter and play little riff snippets as though I knew what I was doing. not that I can afford to buy any more stuff.

for about five minutes I even cranked up both amps and serenaded the neighbors with some power chords. then I got self-conscious and plugged the headphones back in. piano guy never seemed to have that problem. I don't know why I care if anyone hears me. I play better guitar than he played piano and I can sing better too.

I talk about piano guy in the past tense because he must have moved or given up music as I haven't heard from him in months.

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