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the burden of adulthood is that there is no one to tell you what you should do

it is Sunday. I have the whole day to myself. I mean it's been fun going out the last couple of evenings but it is also nice to know I don't have to be in any particular place at any particular time until next Tuesday morning.

I could:

do work

go buy headphones that I didn't buy because I thought I could get them cheaper online and then it turned out I was mistaken

play guitar a little more

take out the recycling.

ok I have to take out the recycling but otherwise those are the options. I could, I suppose, work for an hour or two and then go buy the headphones and plug them into the POD and play. there is time for all three I think.

the question then is what to read. haven't finished the Rabbinical Thought/Literary Theory book yet and it is very interesting and making me think (obsessively) each time I pick it up. what I'm not sure of is whether it will be more than tangentially pertinent to my first chapter.

oh great. here come the blue angels. fuckers. maybe I should go get the headphones now.

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