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jetgirl23's post reminds me to tell you all that I will be flying up to Seattle for lisagail's fortieth. there isn't enough time or money to take the train.

I have secured an rx for atarax which I've taken before to keep my heart from going pitter pat; in a couple of days I will get it filled and take a practice dose to see how it treats me now. housemate s will be flying with me since she too is coming to the party. I already warned her that I would be sedated and somewhat drunk for the flight. she knows how out of hand I get when drunk..

I figure I will probably be just getting into the partying mood when we land since it isn't that long of a flight. then it will be lisagail's turn to deal with me. hee!

I am however taking the train for my next trip up there which begins Halloween night. basically I am spending November in Seattle. because the weather is always so nice that time of year!

but so I am oddly excited about flying since I haven't done so in my new stable emotional state or since I've discovered that I'm not afraid of death anymore. I might still be afraid of falling 40,000 feet though. this should be interesting. I'm thinking maybe I should take BART to SFO and watch planes take off and land for a day or two.

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