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so it's my Friday night and I am bummed that jetgirl23 is such a hardworking rockstar that we never meet up over webcams and tequila anymore. but soon I'll be camping out in her closet and will be able to personally tempt her to excess every night for a week!

I just realized earlier this evening that I only really have to prepare for one more class meeting this semester. that is because I already know what I want to do next Tuesday and Amy the TA starts teaching next Thursday and when I get back there will be one lone class day before they start doing their presentations. so. practically speaking I am almost done!

this is very heartening but also alarming in that if time speeds up any more I'm going to fall right off the earth. that and I have to start thinking about how to bring in money next semester. if anyone has any odd jobs they want done that involve me not having to leave my house and, optimally, being able either to sit at the computer or read all day, let me know.

I can't think of anything else to say.

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