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getting the worm

in my new-found zeal to get work done I actually made it out of bed before 8am. I don't have to be anywhere else at any particular time so this is a triumph of monumental proportions.

there are a couple of chapters in the textbook I should read in case we get to them tomorrow although I doubt highly that we will but as the instructor I guess I should try to stay ahead of them on the reading. oh and I should go over their group presentation proposals.

other than that I can do what I want. that is I can do whatever I want that has something to do with the dissertation. here is what needs doing:

email Judith to see if we can meet this week.
email Shannon with responses to her comments of months ago.
email committee en masse to let them know I am alive and to solicit suggestions as to how to research and particularize the American frontier.
email committee en masse to let them know I need work next semester (this only has to do with the dissertation insofar as being able to afford food in the spring will make writing easier).
read about the frontier.
write about the frontier.

I also should take out the garbage and recycling. maybe I'll do that first.
cleaning ritual --> work. I wonder if this is an ages-old equation.

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