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40k fun run

today was the Day that Would Not End:

5:30 start hitting snooze.
5:45 convince self that we can hit snooze just once more.
6:15 remember that I haven't looked over students' group presentation proposals yet. decide not to say anything about them today.
6:20 decide what to wear knowing that it is going to be a hundred times hotter than it should be in fscking october and that there is no air conditioning anywhere at school.
6:45 meet A outside for drive to school.
7:15 arrive at school and fret about where to begin in class given that we are three chapters behind in the textbook and that I am being evaluated today by the person in charge of 1A/1B classes.
8:00 go teach. introduce self to person evaluating me as I have never met her before. seems nice. get nervous anyway.
8:20 misspell "author" on board because of nervousness. make self-deprecating remark while erasing and rewriting.
8:30 breeze through first sections of chapter 8 and begin to worry about how to fill the remaining hour.
9:15 realize that hour has almost been filled and we haven't gotten much farther than we were 45 minutes ago.
9:30 class is over. begin office hours.
9:35-10:15 meet with three different students, granting them my full attention and cognitive powers.
10:20 check for additional students waiting in hallway. upon finding none, pant.
10:30-11:45 meet with person evaluating me for feedback. goes fine. says she learned some things from me. try not to look shocked.
12noon eat first meal of the day. buy more coffee.
12:30 go over group presentation proposals, attempting to make useful comments.
1:00 begin to fret about meeting with Judith. reread prospectus.
1:15-2:00 make notes in prospectus where questions need to be asked
2:30 begin to rehearse what to say after "hi how are you."
2:45 ridicule self for needing to rehearse.
3:15 achieve zen moment where I realize it doesn't matter what I say.
3:30 walk past Judith's office to talk to Felipe for further calming.
3:35-3:50 meet with Judith. it goes fine. I think of things to say. she gives good answers. as usual. why can't I get used to this.
4:00 return to office to wait for student who couldn't make earlier office hours.
4:10-4:30 meet with student, granting her my full attention and cognitive powers.
4:35 remember the library book I wanted to pick up.
4:40 walk in 80F sunshine up slight hill that seems like 30% grade to library.
4:50 obtain book.
4:55 return to office, sweating like horse.
4:56 figuring that it is late enough that no one else will barge in, remove shirt in attempt to allow evaporation from all exposed surfaces.
5:10 put still-wet shirt back on. cringe in disgust. walk to BART.
5:45 arrive in San Francisco with sweat almost dry. walk four blocks home. arrive there sweating like five horses.
6:00 strip off all clothing. pet cat who apparently thought I wasn't coming home.
6:30 join housemates for Friends reruns. have beer.
remainder of evening: wonder where that damned seabreeze is they keep promising us.

I'm tired.

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