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ok so i barely get out of bed before noon today and soon after i am up my new hard drive arrives and so now i am torn between declaring today a day off and a geek day and buckling down and doing my work and ignoring the new hard drive there in its box begging to be played with.

as is i only have four hours before therapy and then i go for my walk up the hill and then i eat dinner and watch tv till bed time so it isn't like i would get a whole lot done today anyway.

::rationalize rationalize::

and it is the last week before school starts and i am hoping to sit through a gertrude stein seminar which meets twice a week so i will actually have some constraints in my schedule not to mentioned a heightened sense of urgency as school starting means time passing so maybe it is ok to take it easy this week?

see as is i am already taking wed and fri off to do stuff with friends so i have to work next weekend anyway and if i take today off it just means three days off this week which is not so awful is it? i mean it could be a holiday couldn't it?

and i could go to bed early tonight and get up early and work my tail off tomorrow and then do the same on thurs sat and sun. i could make it all up you bet.

why do i sound like a kid trying to justify this to my parents?

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