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there are about 100 things I want to talk to him about. when at the end for instance when he said I'd say god bless but I'm not entirely sure what it means I wanted to ask what then does it mean or what is it to say you don't know what it means or could you tell me what it once would have meant versus what it would mean now.

because I suspect we once believed the same things and then had to come to believe something different and then had to come to believe something yet entirely different from that and I'd just like to know. but I didn't have time to ask.

100 people said goodbye and now I think probably you can retreat and finish out your term in safety and comfort. not that it is at all safe. not that there is any comfort except to know that on your passage from life on earth 100 people will send all they have with you.

in 100 years, when the gods of the next world see fit, we will meet and talk about these things. I don't know when that will be.

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