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out of order

the internet is still broken. that is, our dsl connection has been fscked up for two days now and as usual they are "aware of and working on the problem." so i am dialed in to my free! school account on my old feeble 33.6 which means streaming audio is futile as is downloading graphics-heavy pages. grumble grumble.

besides all this i was supposed to go hiking today but my hiking buddy got called into work so now i am stuck here in the city with my day off aborted and i am trying to decide whether i too should do work with this 12 hours of free time i suddenly have.

well the internet is still broken so what else would i do?

maybe i should get on bart with my sketchbook. or maybe i should pull out a guitar or two.

see this is what happens when i contemplate work: all those things that i couldn't do if i were working suddenly become insanely attractive.

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