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on the up side, here is what ups brought me today:

a screen protector for my powerbook
screen cleaner for my powerbook
new shoes!

now my screen is free of cat drool spots which although endearing were beginning to obscure the view.

the story with the shoes is a flimsy one but I thought it would just be less stressful to wear a pair of non-steel-toed boots to the airport and as the ones I had were rather worn I thought I had the perfect excuse to buy new ones. to pile rationalization upon rationalization, I also figure that if I have the courage to get on an airplane I deserve a nice present.

don't you think?

and in transit from Amazon is a dvd of Athens GA Inside/Out--finally I get to hear that Dreams So Real song in stereo!--plus two new Mutts books.

and through Amazon I found a 1949 first edition copy of Ray Allen Billington's Westward Expansion: a history of the American Frontier. this may only be exciting because I am a big dork.

internet shopping is a wonderful, wonderful thing.

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