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poetic stuff no one understands

the starting point of creation is significance. whether for example the world was created by god or by coyote it begins in an alimentary relationship with whomever is sensitive to it. not to say that we eat the world but rather that the world shoots through us across membranes and that we may be nothing but the membrane through which all things are shot.

I think I wrote about this, about the caves at Providence Mountains CA, which reminded me that the visible comes about through animal sensitivity to light. likewise I suspect that we have come about through animal sensitivity and that if no other is a reason to say that, for instance, the world was created through speech or the transformation at the membrane into something significant--for they are identical in gesture--then animal sensitivity everywhere should be the realm of the divine.

but the thing about the caves was of course that sensitivity to light is not the model but sensitivity itself which is only a sort of waiting to be traumatized. in the caves at Providence Mountains there lives an animal sensitivity in the raw, or at least stripped of the daylight that we think attends everything sensible. significance is not knowledge but merely significance and to that extent exhausted in the movement that takes it down as recorded meaning. significance itself is lost in the record but only engendered by the movement which records.

it is in this way that we are indebted to life microscopic that shrinks at the intrusion of a stimulus the size of a hair. because that is where creation begins and where we begin to speak.

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