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it used to be that around this time at night we were looking for someplace else to go as we certainly weren't ready to go to bed.

it used to be before that that staying up till this hour was unheard of exotic.

now it is only due to a rare burst of energy that i am still out of bed past eleven and this late well! recapturing that moment of youth that occured between 11 and 33. that moment in between all other moments when life is eternal and night lasts for days and days. you remember then when from midnight to 3am was a lifetime of events wonderful and strange.

now it is time passing like any other except for the momentary realization of that miracle which is time passing. i have done these things and i will always have done these things and as time passes i will do more things and live through more things and more things will pass through me and this is where the miracle lies in this moment that is all i can really say that i am or not even that much but a momentariness through which passes.

and besides all that water tastes good. there is nothing quite like water.

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