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abandoning all restraint

I went shopping. fortunately Best Buy did not stock a Canon PowerShot G3 or I would have bought it. instead I marched on to Bed Bath and Beyond and bought cozy flannel sheets:

and a new blanket:

and two new colorful washcloths for which I can't find a picture online.

housemate c says the sheets are a bit womanly. what can I say. I liked the silhouetted flowers and perhaps it is time to get my ovaries removed.

so I came home and pulled my old blankets off and unpacked the new sheets and headed off to the laundromat to wash some new into the old and all the new out of the new and now my bed is beckoning with clean as a daisy new sheets and blanket.

this is exciting because it doesn't happen very often. I do wash my bedding, but I've been sleeping on the same set of flannel sheets for five years now. in fact I only went to get new ones because the old ones suddenly ripped a big hole in the middle where I suppose years of tossing and turning had worn off every little cotton fiber from every other little cotton fiber. we'll see how many years this set lasts.

funny. I own entirely too many pairs of underwear but only one set of sheets.

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