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straighten out

am up early in an effort to grade a few papers before moving on to that 700-page history book that I still have not finished. I've told myself that I must finish grading by next wednesday so that I can tell my therapist ha! I graded the papers! I have, as you know, a rather large mental block when it comes to grading papers so we've actually talked about it.

no worries. we aren't trying to expose a repressed memory of any traumatic childhood encounter with a badly-written essay.

I have spent a wad of money in the past couple of days I think as a way to avoid grading papers or doing any work. it would have been more economical to have scored a week's worth of drugs out front. fortunately--or not--much of the money was virtual so my checking account did not suffer this spree terribly. of course when I am 70 I will be cursing the 40-year-old me.

the mood, however, has not quite passed. anyone want a present? I feel rich. I'm not rich, but I feel that way.

yesterday at least I found some nice looking jeans for less than $40. paid cash for them even. and then came home. I didn't make it to macys but then I did a little online browsing and decided that I want to go back downtown to macys soon. I need one more warm shirt. ha. need. I want one more warm shirt. I need to take a load of clothes to Community Thrift. anyone want clothes?

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