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wee hour

criminy it's almost 1am! i went out for a beer and suddenly five hours had gone by. how do these things happen? i don't understand.

i cleaned the kitchen today. after mopping the floor i stood in the doorway and beamed at the brightly gleaming surfaces. i guess if i did this sort of thing more often it wouldn't be so special.

when i get up i have to pack. i bought a bunch of new shirts this year and i don't know which ones to take. the new ones? the old faded standbys? or will it rain the whole time thus negating whatever i have on under my jacket? will i need my hiking shoes? should i take flannel? it is seattle after all and not only is flannel still fashionable there it might actually get chilly enough at night that i wished i had some. but then it is not chilly enough here to wear flannel even at night when it is colder here than it is up there.

i mustn't forget my hat.

'beam' is onomatopoeia. it's the sound the expression on your face would make if it made a sound when you are pleased.

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