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morning log

woke up at 7 this morning and was unable to go back to sleep before the alarm rang at 7:30. at some point in the night I had taken my sweatshirt off and I don't know why. so by 7 I was cold. I also vaguely remember putting earplugs in and taking them out and putting them back in more than once. by this morning they were both out.

today I must finish grading the papers I did not grade yesterday because I was too out of it. then file grades and then finish that damned book and start another.

at some point ups is going to bring me some new earbuds. I'm trying one more time to find a pair that gives both crystal clear highs and deep throbbing lows. so far it seems that the two are mutually exclusive. I won't wear old-fashioned ear-covering headphones in public because people who do look extra dorky. I look dorky enough. don't need extra.

it is too early to tell if last night's irritability has continued on into today. in fact I probably won't know until later this afternoon, as mornings generally are happy and have been for some time. I've read more than once that depression that worsens at night is a sign of physiological predisposition to same.

really though, there is something tautological about that. it seems to me that depression itself indicates a physiological predisposition to depression. I think though that what they might mean is that I may have been born with mine as opposed to having it physiologically inscribed in my synapses by external affairs sometime subsequent to being born. even so, there must be something like a physiological predisposition to that kind of inscription.

chicken. egg.

mornings are happy.

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