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I must have been the last person in the United States to get out of bed today. I've been up for half an hour.

before awakening I dreamed that I slept in till 8:30pm and went and got three sausage sandwiches from some deli that apparently I always went to and where I was known as a kook. they actually said that. a kook. but a good kook in that I was one of the few keeping them afloat.

as usual I couldn't quite figure out if I was in Seattle or San Francisco and lived on Capitol Hill, in the warehouse, or in the Mission. or where all my stuff was or even if it was all in any one of those places or scattered amongst them.

I was disappointed to wake up so late as it was too late to have coffee and almost time to go back to bed again so even beer was somewhat futile. so I had water with my sandwiches.

and that was my christmas!

then I woke up for real and found that housemate c wants us to go see a movie--which I must have agreed to at some point before I started this campaign for solitude--and wants me to open my present which she promises is nothing exciting which is good because I didn't get her anything although I thought about getting her a nice gift certificate to Powells but then was afraid that the amount I'd have to get in order to make it worthwhile would make her feel bad because I know she spent a fraction of that on my gift. so I didn't.

still could. that's the magic of the internet.

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