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ok now I'm bored

the novelty of the phone has already worn off. well not completely as I have not yet played all the games available on it but all of the phone numbers are in it and all of the email addresses are in it and I've chosen a color scheme and downloaded custom ringtones and assigned icons to all my friends. I suppose I could make some calls with it. although only long distance would be worth the ¢.

it will take some will power not to play tetris in my tent. although knowing that I can only charge the battery on the hotel nights might keep me from running it down. tents you see are for lying quietly and listening to what the desert has to say.

am experiencing the pre-roadtrip thrill. Monday morning with coffee on I-280 will be splendid. the first night camping out will be splendid. hiking will be splendid. taking pictures will be splendid. showering once every three days might be kind of stinky but it will be splendid actually to take those showers. so far the weather forecast is splendid and happily and inadvertently I scheduled this trip to coincide with the full moon. will see how the camera does with night photography.

note: bring tripod.

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