Erik (eriktrips) wrote,

Phone Post: erik calls from the desert

274K 1:13
“well i tried to make a phone post but i did it wrong. um ok now i am going to try doing it right. uh yea.

um, i'm in the desert where it's surprisingly warm. although i suppose if you're in the desert you expect it to be surprisingly warm. but it's january for fuck's sake and it shouldn't be this surprisingly warm. it's down in the 30s at night which is good but its up in the mid sixties during the day which is kinda sweating but i'm having a good time.

anyway and um tonight i am staying in a hotel. then i camp for three more days and then another hotel and then i come home.

um so um i hope everyone is doing fine, i just came out of the san bernadino county branch library, the 29 palms branch library, where i checked briefly my friends page & it seems that everyone is doing reasonably ok, i guess. i didn't have enough time to stay and linger and make a text message or anything


i'll be in range again for a day and half and then i'll be out of range again for about for three days. hope all is well with everyone. bye bye.”

Transcribed by: zyrc

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