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I took pictures of the moon but I am not happy with them.

for my 42nd birthday I was chased a half mile through the Mojave by an extremely gregarious hornet.

the freeway was full of people who drive funny.

I learned to brush my teeth and wash my hands using very little water and also that when you don't have much hair it does not matter so much if you do not wash it at all for several days.

coyotes are the cliche of Joshua Tree but still hearing them after dark is a thrill or at least it is if your usual night symphony is of drunks and crazy people shouting at each other in the street.

for the first time I found staying in hotels utterly annoying. this was not just because of the discount snafu.

for all that the nights in the desert were wonderful beyond description or at least that description will have to wait for a day when I did not drive 450 miles.

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