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sometimes it surprises me that i have a life here like everybody else who was here before i was and whose lives looked impossible to me when i first arrived. whenever i travel to a city i wonder how it is that those who are there already who are caught up already in traversing the place repeatedly in crossing the place and each other's crossings how they have lives there when to me it is all only what it appears this person going into that store randomly or this other person whom i've never seen sitting down to eat at the table next to mine and then getting up and going off somewhere never ever to be seen again. the distance between the contingent and the familiar which is only the contingent worn in certain patterns.

overall though there are those whose patterns go around in tight circles always local and never as those of a stranger and then there are the strangers who pass through whose moments are all they have of themselves but whose moments only punctuate the familiar of those whose patterns remain in tight circles.

i've been a stranger and i've been a local and each has its comforts. i wish always to be both for the comforts each affords. from the point of view of the stranger though the local seems impossible and from the point of view of the local the stranger seems precarious and ephemeral and laughably out of the know.

my wish is to be everywhere a stranger and everywhere at home.

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