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today I have to take the car back. I have it until 5pm but after a 7-1/2 hour driving day yesterday I don't have any strong urge to go anywhere between now and then. I don't need groceries or furniture. a trip to the beach at Ft Funston would just remind me that I wish I were still in the desert.

I think as soon as that band of rain showing up on the wunderground radar passes I will take the car back and then have a leisurely walk home.

then there is much shoveling out of house to do. I may or may not actually do it. one reason my room is smaller than I remembered it is that the packaging for the various toys I bought this semester is beginning to pile up. I never throw boxes away until I'm sure that the items contained in them are in good working order and as you might guess this habit gets easily out of hand. the boxes for my guitar and stereo are still cluttering up the back room and I've had the stereo for almost nine months now. it seems to work fine and will soon be beyond the warranty period such that buying a new one would be cheaper than fixing this one were it suddenly to stop working.

in any case there will be pictures and a short narrative today.

I lost my wallet chain in the desert. I took it off while camping as it was getting in the way and I wasn't too concerned about the jackrabbits trying to snatch my wallet out of my pocket and I put the chain somewhere and now I can't find it. it's not in any of the compartments in either of my backpacks. it's not in any jacket pockets. there is one plastic bag left to look in but my hunch is that it has gone off to that same Bermuda Triangle that took my sunglasses after a trip a few years ago.

I still miss those sunglasses.

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