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home alone

so I come back to town and both housemates disappear. they are both on the east coast: c is interviewing for a position at either mount holyoke or swarthmore and s is in New York just generally fartzing around. both are freezing to death no doubt but what do I care: house to myself! I have the heat on full blast and the cats and I are sitting around in our underwear.

tonight I gloried in being able to put my things anywhere and not worry about them getting in someone's way. beer bottles are piling up in the recycling. I didn't sort the mail but just threw it on the kitchen table.

of course before they come back I do have to sort the mail and put my stuff away but for now I feel luxuriously at liberties.

am also in denial about school starting back next week. have not written the syllabus yet. I don't think it will be too hard but I seem to be putting it off till the last minute. this doesn't sound at all like me!

today I went to school and read my teaching evaluations for last semester and they were all pretty good and many of them said exactly what I thought they would say so no surprises. the one thing that still gets me is how they can say nice things about the class and then rate your teaching a 4 out of 7. don't they realize that this would be like my saying nice things about their papers and then giving them a C? I hope the people in power over me actually read the evaluations and don't just tally up the scores.

but tonight I'm not going to think about any of that. I'm going to run around the house naked.

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