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it occurs to me that i use "i" rather glibly given that my whole project is to question the "i." but i don't know quite how else to reference what passes through in my general vicinity. i say "i" because i am used to it and perhaps because it means something or at least is a convention.

in the last day or so it occurs to me that i is the result of obsession and the undoing of that obsession is the undoing of the i and the undoing of the obsession is implicit in the obsession itself. straightening the forks and knives for instance always makes a mockery of the straight and introduces always a skewedness to what would be perfectly aligned without the singular absurdity of the wanting to align.

sometimes i see there is nothing to what i am saying.

there is though a straightness to the point of perversity to the point of contesting any conception of straightness at all. and i don't mean or at least i don't think i mean simply the "sickness" of obsession rather that straight itself is perverse in its own insistence. its singularity as straightness.

i am singular and perversely not anything like an i. take that, levinas.

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