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ok I'm up. I don't know exactly why I stayed up till 3am other than that there was a party next door and somehow the don't-go-to-sleep-yet vibes infected me. anyone else would have complained about the noise but when I finally decided to knock off I just put my earplugs in. I don't know when the party ended but the other neighbors were beginning to yell at them to shut up when I wrapped myself in silence and cats and fell into a deep sleep.

I have one more drinking day until school starts. friends b and e will be by in a few hours to take me to the beer and sausage place. b and e are bad for my professed vegetarianism.

tomorrow I have to write the syllabus. it shouldn't be too hard to revise my 1B syllabus into a 1A syllabus and I pretty much know what I am teaching when but it still is anxiety-provoking that I have waited this long. but then actually doing it has also been anxiety-provoking which is probably why I have waited this long so really the fact of teaching itself would be making me anxious whether I was over- or under-prepared. as is there is not that much to be anxious about this week as it is only the first week and there is not a lot to do other than take roll and tell them how terribly hard rhetoric is.

even so. what if they don't like me?

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