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first day of the semester yesterday and although I keep telling people I am relieved that my students did not kill me I've actually figured out that my relief has more to do with the fact that they did not say "he's funny-looking! let's fuck with his head!" but of course now my fear is that they were saying this to themselves and will be mean to me tomorrow when I try to get them to talk about rhetoric.

it may be that I am working out some seventh-grade trauma here.

since I teach at 9:30 instead of 8 and since housemate c is teaching at Berkeley this semester at 8 on the same days I teach it is tempting to leave all class preparation to the morning and ride in with her. I mean I spent last semester getting up at 5:30 twice a week and I ended up getting a fair amount of work done on those days and if I confined teacherly activities to the days I actually teach I might be able to write something respectable in the next couple of weeks.

that said, today I am debating whether to do my own work, play guitar, or go shopping for wallet chain and earring the old ones of which apparently have been caught up in a tide of metal objects fleeing my body. I hope my bracelet stays put. the other day I was trimming my beard and my earring got caught in the clipper guard and was pulled out of my ear and flung across the bathroom at such great velocity that it completely left this dimension. fortunately it came unhooked before leaving my ear so part of my ear did not also find itself suddenly in an alternate universe.

the wallet chain might still be in a tent pocket. suppose I should check there and also put my camping gear away already.

it is true that last week I did not do a thing. well I wrote a little but not what I am supposed to be writing. the thought occured to me as I was falling asleep the other night that I should send my committee all the poetrylike stuff I've written in the last several months in order to prove to them that I have not simply been picking my nose all year. upon waking fully I thought better of it although I will eventually ask at least one of them to read it since she is a published poet and might be able to give me some tips as to how to get published without impoverishing oneself.

one more cup of coffee and then I will figure out what I am doing.

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