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I guess today is a not-very-able-to-think day. I've read two dissertation intros and all that has done for me is make me see all the stuff I am going to have to leave out and all the stuff I should include but I have no idea how to put it together or take it apart or say any of it.

time for shot. also for trip to Rainbow to get thinking cap herbs. the rest of the afternoon will be spent trying to figure out how to get Endnote to work with Word for OS X. last I used it I was still on OS 9. see I think I have to transfer my writing to Word from BBEdit soon before the inability to create footnotes or citations creates so many omissions that I'll never be able to recuperate them all.

I hate Word.

I should also check to see if Berkeley publishes their dissertation guidelines on the web. better to take care of the formatting rules as you go rather than during that last week before you file. I've seen a number of near-suicides over pagination difficulties.

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