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nothing but static on the dial

it is not yet 8 but I'm thinking of going to bed. I must have used up all my rocket fuel yesterday as today has been one long yawn and shake of the head to clear cobwebs that refuse to be cleared.

this happens. I try not to panic about it anymore because if I've learned anything in the last seven years it's that things always change if you sit tight for long enough. stupid today. smart tomorrow. stupid again the day after that. what can you do.

I took my five mile walk tonight, the flat route, and it near killed me. ok it just made me really tired. if I had taken the hilly route I would have had to catch a bus back.

at least I'm too tired to be anxious about teaching in the morning. if this keeps up I might take a pillow and tell them to try to discuss the book quietly so as not to wake me.

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