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well hello

Gorecki is giving me goosebumps.

I know it is a source of endless amusement for some of you that since going on testosterone my body has decided that the best way to exhibit any kind of emotion whatsoever is to break out into goosebumps. although I suspect that part of that amusement is at what sort of event I break out in goosebumps to, such as the Giants winning the National League Pennant or something equally unworthy of real emotion.

but so what is happening now is that I am painfully wringing out this chapter from my brain and fingers and listening to Gorecki and it is all giving me goosebumps not because I think I'm saying anything terribly profound but rather because the feeling of writer's elation at both flow and music to accompany it is something I haven't experienced for a very long time. I'd say the last time it happened was probably 1997 or so.

I think I might cry.

or break out into bigger goosebumps.

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