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there has to be a morning after

so after two swigs of the cheap cheap vodka I thought better of it and poured the rest of my little glass down the kitchen sink. the refrain beer then liquor never sicker just got louder after I sampled its rubbing alcohol bouquet.

as far as I know my housemates still haven't refilled the ice trays. fuck if I'm going to do it.

note: buy extra beer tonight.

what a riot was last night! I think the last time I chatted online with zyrc was when she lived ten blocks away. I forgot how fun it was. of course we were both drunk this time so who knows if it would have been fun for anyone not as drunk.

right now I am sitting shirtless in front of the ErikAndJacksonCam. better peek quick before I put on some clothes.

what I didn't get around to chronicling yesterday was that I wrote two more paragraphs and a few random exclamations that don't yet have a place in my dissertation. only about 1000 more paragraphs to go. my god this is going to take me the rest of my life which is fine as long as I can get money for it but the suspicion keeps nagging me that between the vast sum I already owe in student loans and various republicans' indifference to the fact that no one can afford an education without financial aid the funds may soon dry up. I hope not but I'm a little worried. perhaps it's time to get back into the habit of picking up a lottery ticket every now and again. after all it has worked so well in the past.

guitar time. I got a bunch of goodies from Musician's Friend yesterday. whoop. toys.

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