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schwitters' room

When housemate C returns from swimming I am going to take her car to go get shelves. more shelves. where will I put them? well I took down the huge painting that I hang up everywhere I go and which takes up a whole wall if you don't hang it around a corner and two walls if you do. [1]

I miss it already but until I get a bigger space it will have to bide its time. I am drowning in cds and books and pieces of paper and must come up with a way to organize yet more objects in this tiny tiny room.

am trying to get excited about this redecorating project but for some reason I am a bit low on feng shui enthusiasm today. really what I would like to do is drink beer and sit on the sunporch reading Nietzsche while Patti Smith plays in the background. this is one thing I remember doing in Atlanta which I really really liked even though it was hot.

it is not hot today and we have no sunporch. and I think I've had enough beer for one weekend.

on the other hand with a wall freed up I could hang up REM and Now Explosion posters. that could either fill me with youthful energy or make me feel very very old.

I want a real room.

[1] the painting is on unstretched canvas without a frame so it curves if necessary. rolls up nicely too.

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