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progress report

I did not write anything today except for four bracketed spurs to further writing which will--writing gods willing--take place saturday.

what I did do was review my notes for Billington's narrative and Limerick's narrative and now I find myself engaged in the painful process of deciding what, of all I found significant in them, to put in and what to leave out. it's like cutting off a limb to forego mention of something that is important but unfortunately not immediately pertinent.

oh and I graded three papers.

oh and I taught class.

first housemate c and I spent two hours on the bay bridge. someone fucked up at 5am and the resulting mess was not fully cleared until 10. she got to cancel her first class. free pass!

I was happy that no earthquake occured during the time we were suspended in the air over the water. the eastbound lanes are on the lower deck just waiting for the upper deck to fall on them.

tonight there awaits me at home a special treat. I'm not going to mention what it is publicly. perhaps you will find me waxing eloquent later on one friends filter or another.

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